Phone Blitz in solidarity with the Animals’ Battalion’s Boknal Demonstration in New York

Thank you, The Animals' Battalion for giving a voice to the animals of South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade!!! Day 2 Demonstration: July 23, 2015. Photo: The Animals' Battalion.

Thank you, The Animals’ Battalion for giving a voice to the animals of South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade!!! Day 2 Demonstration: July 23, 2015. Photo: The Animals’ Battalion.

The Animals' Battalion invites you to join the first S.Korean …

We are so ready! Please make an effort to come. It is a very important demo since it is the first day of the Boknal Dog Meat Festival and the S. Korean media has been paying attention to the New York demos since last year.

In addition to the 1000 flyers, signs, banners, t-shirts, petitions to sign and visors. This time we will have a TV showing videos of the cruelty involved in the Boknal festival. It will be a great tool for those who deny that this is still happening in South Korea. Thanks to Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea ( and Nami Kim for their support.

Hope to see you all this Friday.

Date: Friday, July 15, 2016
Where: Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
460 Park Ave, 57th Street, New York, NY 10022
Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
(Consulate Hours: Open • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:30 – 4:00 pm

Posted by The Animals' Battalion on Monday, July 11, 2016

Animals’ Battalion will be holding a series of demonstrations, once again, in New York City, outside the South Korean Consulate, to make that Government aware of how strongly we abhor their indifference to the mass cruelty and suffering inflicted on sentient animals, within the dog and cat meat trades; and also of the failure of that Government to bring about an end to these evil trades.

In mutual support with Animals’ Battalion, and, no matter where you are in the world, we really hope that you can show your support and make your feelings known, by joining us to be part of ‘one voice’: we are asking you to take part in a telephone and mail ‘blitz’ at the same time as these demonstrations are being held, to back them up by getting your own message across to the South Korean Embassy within your country; details of which you can find here: You can also find any updated information HERE.

These are the dates, and information on the three events:

Day 1: Friday, July 15, 2016. Click HERE to join.

Day 2: Wednesday, July 27, 2016. Click HERE to join.

Day 3: Tuesday, August 16, 2016. Click HERE to join.

  • Send letter:
    South Korean Embassy in Washington DC
    2450 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
    Washington DC
    District of Columbia 20008
  • Website:
  • US Telephone Embassy: 1-202-939-5600
    US Telephone New York Consulate General: 1-646-674-6000
  • US Fax: 1-202-797-0595
  • Email: Click HERE for email addresses!
  • Tweet Storm: Click HERE to send tweets using our tweet sheet!
  • Whether writing or telephoning, here is an idea of the wording you can use:

  • For written protests:
    Subject: The South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trades

    Dear Sir, or Madam,

    I am contacting you today, as I wish to register my strongest protest to the indifference you, your countrymen and your government show to the suffering and cruelty that is carried out, by many people, within the dog and cat meat trades.

    This cruelty and suffering must end, and I cannot see it ending until your country puts a complete stop to these aberrant trades – trades which have no place in any modern day society.

    South Korea is a country that boasts a wealth of high-profile companies, with a 14th GDP rating; and if it still wishes to be seen as a modern, forward-thinking, civilized society, then your government must rethink its policy on allowing these unregulated, unjustifiable trades to continue.

    I sincerely implore your government to immediately begin policing and enforcing your animal protection laws; and, until it brings about the end to both the dog and cat meat trades, I will boycott all forms of tourism, all products, and all services from your country; and I will urge others to do the same.”

  • For telephone protests:

    We recommend that the best way forward, when calling an Embassy, is to politely ask to speak to a representative who has the authority to talk about the dog and cat meat trades within South Korea. The representative may well deny all knowledge of any illegality/wrong doing within these trades, or say that they are unable to help on this issue. If they are not forthcoming, then you might make the following statement or similar wording of your own – and please ask them to keep a record of your call and what you have said.

    “As an animal lover, and part of a high-profile animal rights group, which has supporters across the globe, I wish to register my deep concern about the unregulated, cruel and abusive dog and cat meat trades with your country, South Korea.

    I sincerely ask that your government immediately begins policing and enforcing your animal protection laws; and until it brings about a permanent end to both the dog and cat meat trades, I will boycott all forms of tourism, all products, and all services from South Korea; and I will urge others to do the same.”

This campaign is in many languages:


French: Campagne de phoning éclair: solidarité avec la manifestation du “bataillon des animaux de Boknal ” – Cessez la consommation de chats et de chiens en Corée du Sud!

German: Telefon Kampagne in Solidarität mit der‚ Animals’ Battalion’s Boknal’ Demonstration in New York!

Greek: Τηλεφωνική Εκστρατεία για συμπαράσταση στη Διαδήλωση του The Animals’ Battalion για το Μποκνάλ στη Νέα Υόρκη


Italian: Blitz telefonico in solidarietà con la dimostrazione dell’Animals’ Battalion a New York contro il Boknal

Japanese: ボクナル撲滅デモに国境を越えて参加しよう!

Portuguese: Blitz Telefônica em solidariedade com a Passeata do Batalhão dos Animais anti-Boknal em Nova Iorque.

Spanish: Bombardeo telefónico en solidaridad con la demostración del Batallón de Animales anti- Boknal en Nueva York.

  1. Subesten Mehra
    Subesten MehraJune 29,16

    We have to unite and stop this cruel festival

    • Elizabeth knox
      Elizabeth knoxJuly 1,16

      Please stop Yulin forever

    • Renu jagasia
      Renu jagasiaJuly 13,16

      Ban it forever..

    • Lisa Schlomer
      Lisa SchlomerJuly 15,16

      Thank you so much for putting all of this together!! Ban FOREVER!

    JOANNAJune 29,16


  3. matet
    matetJune 29,16

    stop au festival de la honte chinoise boycott l asie sanguinaire des animaux domestiques

  4. jill osment
    jill osmentJune 29,16

    This is sick whot they do to cats and dogs. They are pets not to eat I hope to al the people who do this they go to hell for whot they do to them.

  5. Keith Baillie
    Keith BaillieJune 29,16

    Totally unevolved barbaric cruel ignorant practice and a complete insult to the Korean race and Country. Stop this madness.

  6. Carole Fraser
    Carole FraserJune 29,16

    It’s the most Barbaric cruelty I have ever seen no animal deserves this Brutality We animal lovers want this Monstrous acts that are committed on these innocent beautiful dogs and cats to STOP The World Is watching its wicked Evil and Demonic .

  7. Melissa
    MelissaJune 30,16

    It’s beyond cruel, it’s heartless. Would you want to be in a dirty filthy cage, waiting to be Beaten anyway possible? Just for someone to eat you. No compassion. If you don’t have compassion for an animals life, it shows what type of person you are. Grow up, tell your embassy to produce more jobs, to make money the legal way. Not by killing defenseless animals.

  8. Claudia
    ClaudiaJune 30,16

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” M. Gandhi

  9. Kelly Alder
    Kelly AlderJune 30,16

    This is torture. It’s criminal, repulsive, sadistic and wrong. You will severely stain your country and the moral people of your nation if you don’t stop for good.

  10. #StopYulinMexico
    #StopYulinMexicoJuly 4,16

    Support from México City Korean Dogs Stop Boknal really sick try like these the best friend total wrong , shame Korea . We Protest out side to the Korean Embassy 14 of July No more violence in the World !

  11. Gisele Fuchs
    Gisele FuchsJuly 8,16

    Stop it!!!

  12. Laura
    LauraJuly 8,16

    Bless all of you who have taken up this important worldwide cause for the voiceless! This will elevate humanity to a new level. Those who have participated in these appalling, criminal acts of absurd horror upon innocents will suffer their own fate, which is the karma they have caused to themselves! They are EVIL!

  13. Jean Clelland-Morin
    Jean Clelland-MorinJuly 8,16

    I hope all those protesters are VEGAN ! ! !

    • Val
      ValJuly 18,16

      Agreed. No one should be able to stand up for dogs, while maintaining the disgusting lifestyle if consuming equally sentient animals such as cows, pigs, or chickens.

      • Jenny A
        Jenny AJuly 26,16

        Are you saying that only vegans can oppose dog/animal torture? I say that even if a cannibal wants to do one good thing in this world – LET THEM. EVERYONE must oppose torture. EVERYONE!!

        • marion price
          marion priceJuly 28,16

          There are many forms of cruelty that need to be stopped but that is a separate issue. Everybody needs to stand up for these animals no matter race, religion, country or meat eater. These animals are skinned and boiled ALIVE…anyone who speaks out against it is playing their own small part in stopping it.

    • lydia castillo
      lydia castilloAugust 5,16

      Is not comparison between best friend of man & pigs or cows ! cats & dogs are my kids, & suffering for cows.elephants etc, but dogs & cats make cry every single day the cruelty torture from those Asian cowards primitives.

  14. Marina Trofin
    Marina TrofinJuly 9,16

    Thank you for being the voice for these innocent beings!

  15. Andreas Kuhn
    Andreas KuhnJuly 10,16

    I myself find it very very sad and horrible

    • carolyn Gerner
      carolyn GernerJuly 10,16


  16. Jean polous
    Jean polousJuly 11,16

    This is so barbaric and to think that we are a advancing society

  17. Diana-Bertha Krausser
    Diana-Bertha KrausserJuly 11,16

    If it is North Coreea nothing could be done! If South…then USA as a military power with army base must take action in a way

  18. Rosemarie Zaouali
    Rosemarie ZaoualiJuly 11,16

    This is Horrible and must be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!

  19. Ingeborg Münster
    Ingeborg MünsterJuly 11,16

    Thank you for being the voice for these poor animals!

  20. Angelique Bornet
    Angelique BornetJuly 12,16

    De beschaving van een samenleving valt af te meten aan de wijze waarop ze omgaat met dieren.

  21. MS
    MSJuly 12,16

    You got it! Will do! Won’t STOP until the killers STOP!

  22. Savita Patel
    Savita PatelJuly 13,16

    Stop crulty

  23. Sharon
    SharonJuly 14,16

    These animals are intelligent and loving creatures !I am definitely going to boycott EVERYTHING that has anything to do with South Korea ! No products, no tourism, nothing until this cruel barbaric backwards behavior is stopped completely ! The entire world is disgusted with Korea’s behavior !

  24. Nikki rutland
    Nikki rutlandJuly 14,16

    Sickening, barbaric, brutal torture. Shame on you south Korea!!!!

  25. Eva Doumanis
    Eva DoumanisJuly 15,16

    Cows, sheep ,goats, pigs, more than enough meat to eat
    Do you realy need to eat your best and most loyal friend too simply because you can? There is no need to this barbaric ritual and has to be stopped immediately

    • lydia castillo
      lydia castilloAugust 5,16

      Exactly ! they are stupid that what I said ! they are coward never have felling for those lovely pets, they are family,great companion are my children
      we should stop buying any electronics from those cruel people in protest !

  26. Sybil Erden
    Sybil ErdenJuly 15,16

    I will phone. This inhumanity and barbaric cruelty to ALL animals must stop.

  27. ana antunes
    ana antunesJuly 15,16

    I’m with all of you

  28. naomi cohen
    naomi cohenJuly 15,16

    animals are not food. although many don’t agree with me, this is what i believe.
    the idea that our precious cats and dogs are now included in korea’s ‘diet’ is obscene, shameful and heart-breaking.
    i am doing all that i can with many others to end this insane practice.

  29. Jennifer Clements
    Jennifer ClementsJuly 15,16

    This cruel, sick, torture, pain, suffering and killing needs to stop! stop killing all those poor innocent animals! the beliefs are crazy! Animals are our friends, family and protectors! Please save and protect them!

  30. Leila Lappin
    Leila LappinJuly 15,16

    I called Food Safety: Seung Yong Lee, Attach for Food and Drug Safety, 202-939-5650 and left a VM message

  31. Nicole
    NicoleJuly 15,16

    Please use a different Subject for your email letter.
    They might choose not to read the mail when it was apparent what the email was about.
    I stated mine neutrally with just “Concern”

  32. marion price
    marion priceJuly 27,16

    The world is disgusted and outraged at the terrible torture you inflict on these poor animals…it is beyond evil and cannot be excused…i make a pledge never ever to purchase anything made in KOREA/CHINA and any other countries who practice EVIL. May the powers of the universe seek vengence upon you…shame on you…STOP!

  33. Mr. KJ Singh
    Mr. KJ SinghJuly 31,16

    Please spread this message far and wide.
    There can never be peace on earth, unless the human being turns vegetarian.

  34. Andrés Aguilera
    Andrés AguileraAugust 17,16

    Stop Yulin Stop Boknal

  35. Alba Stansu
    Alba StansuSeptember 8,16


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