CARE is looking for an animal abuser who hung young puppies by the neck from the back of a motorcycle

This is a translation of a posting from Coexistence of Animal Rights On Earth(CARE)’s homepage: We are looking for an animal abuser who hung young puppies by the neck from the back of a motorcycle. 10/23/2013

We are looking for an animal abuser who hung young puppies by the neck from the back of a motorcycle. Not long ago, we received a video clip on our animal abuse report page.
In the video two puppies were hanging by the neck from the back of a motorcycle and when the witness who recorded this video tried to step in and stop the abuser (an old man), the abuser pulled the rope even tighter tying them to his motorcycle as if he was dumbfounded by the witness’ intervention! The puppies in the video seemed to have lost all hope with frightened expressions.
In agony and terrified of being strangled, with their tongues hanging out, they were urinating uncontrollably. This abuser who has no respect for life had no sympathy for the young puppies displaying brazen attitude. CARE is waiting for additional information from the first person who uploaded this video online.

Terrified young puppies are urinating uncontrollably.

We also filed a civil complaint with the police to request an investigation of this case. Animal cruelty cases occur everywhere in our daily lives. How long should feel helpless and heartache but continue to ignore these cruel acts against defenseless animals ? We don’t know if these little puppies in the video are currently dead or alive. We just hope that these poor creatures are still alive and hope that a fair and expeditious investigation would be conducted in this case.

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  1. Mandy Hieronimus
    Mandy HieronimusOctober 25,13


  2. Gabriela Winkelmann
    Gabriela WinkelmannOctober 25,13

    For Dogs and cats..Stop this brutallity..disgusting horrible terrible barbarian sadistic torture..shameful violene

  3. Sylvia-Karin Ghazi-Zahedi
    Sylvia-Karin Ghazi-ZahediOctober 25,13

    Korean scum

  4. Andrea Hepp
    Andrea HeppOctober 25,13

    Es muss aufhören. 🙁

  5. marion hoeveler
    marion hoevelerOctober 25,13

    lasse die tiere am leben haben auch das recht zu leben

  6. Yvonne Zelezniak
    Yvonne ZelezniakOctober 25,13


  7. Corinna Athay
    Corinna AthayOctober 25,13

    This must stop its horrendous and cruel what you do to animales

  8. Karene West
    Karene WestOctober 25,13

    These puppies are not alive! They were on their way to be slaughtered and whether they arrived dead or alive – they still would be prepared to be someone’s meal. These people have no regard for the lives of any creatures. I adopted a DMT dog this July rescued from smugglers and I fight every day to stop this cruelty. And why the person in this video did not takes these puppies whom he/she knew were doomed is beyond my comprehension! Why take a picture or a video and not step in and do something!

  9. Patricia Beis
    Patricia BeisOctober 25,13

    Bin einfach nur traurig was ist das denn für eine Welt in der wir leben??? Die Tiere sind doch die besten Freunde !!!

    VERONICA SORIANOOctober 25,13

    Estamos hartos de ver impasibles como agreden y abusan de otros seres vivos, BASTA ya de tanta salvajada, no hagan a otros seres lo que no les gustaria que hagan con uds. salvajes!

  11. Daniel Halupa
    Daniel HalupaOctober 25,13


  12. Dogs Across Australia
    Dogs Across AustraliaOctober 25,13

    South Korea is damaging its international reputation by allowing this type of mistreatment of dogs. If this government wants continuing support from the West against the North, it needs to change now!

  13. Penny
    PennyOctober 26,13

    I wished I could drag this asshole by his/her neck with a chain and a pickup truck!

    • Terrie
      TerrieNovember 11,13

      Yes!!!! And I’ll drive.

  14. morattini
    morattiniOctober 26,13


  15. Berta Bogeus
    Berta BogeusOctober 26,13

    this person needs to be hung up on his balls

  16. Harvey
    HarveyOctober 29,13

    Why didn’t the person with the camera just take the puppies or physically help them? If it were me, it wouldn’t have been pretty for that old bastard. Hell would have been unleashed that day! God help anyone I see abusing dogs, I don’t care who you think you are.

  17. Sue Lakin
    Sue LakinNovember 1,13

    What the f@@k!! What is wrong with these pychos! Find them and hang them!

  18. hooper paulette
    hooper pauletteNovember 11,13

    this so wrong i hope you will all burn in hell

  19. Marina
    MarinaNovember 11,13

    Bastard mit dem sollte man das gleiche machen.ich hab geheult als ich das sah.Ich würde mit dem das gleiche machen und noch viel mehr

  20. Колобова Евгения
    Колобова ЕвгенияNovember 12,13


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