SaveKoreanDogs Documentary – Anti-Dog Meat Campaign in Seoul, South Korea – Summer 2015

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All about Dog Meat Trade in Korea.

Anri worked very hard preparing this video, and we certainly hope this video attains the goal for which it was prepared, namely spreading the horrors of the dog meat trade. Please share this video with all of your friends. We want this video to reach every corner of the world. Seeing is believing, and we, Savekoreandogs, are here to speak for the dogs.

This ten minute video gives you a glance into the meat trade and shows how the so called “meat dogs” are treated.
The Bonal (South Korea’s dog eating days) is not over yet especially to those of us who are fighting 365 days. We are now working on the following three “Boycott Korea Plans”: (1) Boycotting the Pyeongchang Olympics to be held in 2018 in South Korea, (2) Boycotting Korean Products, and (3) No Tourists to Korea.

Groups on the ground in South Korea have tried every means possible to end the dog meat trade, but the only way to end this atrocity is to put pressure on the South Korean government.

We are all looking forward to the day when the government will enforce the existing law and the ban dog meat trade once for all.
If you want to save the South Korean dogs, your action is needed. Save Korean Dogs!

Anti-Dog Meat Campaign in Seoul, South Korea – Summer 2015, Documentary by SaveKoreanDogs

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Please go to the Koreandog’s website, Please sign our petitions, make phones, and send emails. Let the South Korean government know that the world is aware of what they are doing and that the dog meat trade needs to stop now.

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

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