Dogs rescued from a slaughterhouse in Busan, Gijang-gun – a Golden Retriever, Tomo (2)

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

This is an update from the Watchdog’s raid of a slaughterhouse in Busan, Gijang-gun(county). 👉 Click HERE and HERE to see the previous posts.

Amidst the chaos of the Watchdog’s rescue operation in Busan, we discovered Tomo in dire straits. This Golden Retriever, estimated to be around 9 years old, was plagued by severe malnutrition, with every bone in his body visible. The vet informed us that administering an IV to Tomo could potentially worsen his heartworm condition and put his life in peril. Moreover, we were instructed to provide him with nourishment before beginning the heartworm treatment, as he was too emaciated to undergo the necessary procedures. We had to bring Tomo to Run despite the lack of space.

Upon arriving at the Run Center, we bathed Tomo with the utmost care, carefully scrubbing away the dirt and grime accumulated from his squalid condition. The result of our efforts was revealed as his clean fur shone, and he seemed to revel in the feeling of being clean. He voraciously consumed his meal, hopefully, a testament to the positive impact of proper care on his health.

We deeply appreciate your generosity in providing us with supplies and resources to care for this sweet dog. We wish Tomo a swift and full recovery, and we hope that someday he will be fully recovered and begin to learn how to run with his new friends at Run.

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866-41, Dokjeong-ri, Jangan-myeon
Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Postal code 18583
South Korea

☎️ If you have any inquiry, please contact: 010-4604-0343

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부산 기장군 도살장에서 와치독의 급습에 의해 도살을 멈춰버린 후 토모는 케어의 품에 안겼습니다.
하지만 당장 죽어도 이상하지 않은 상태의 매우 심각한 사상충 말기. 더욱이 심각한 영양실조지만 수액을 맞추면 사상충이 증폭해 급사할 수 있다는 수의사 소견에 의해 토모는 일단 살부터 찌우고 다음 치료로 넘어갈 수 있다고 하여 RUN 으로 왔습니다. RUN은 입양을 위한 공간이지만 토모를 위해 급히 자리를 만들어 주었어요.
어쩌면 태어나 처음이었을지 모를 목욕을 무리가 가지 않게 조심히 해 보았습니다. 온갖 더러움에 찌든 몸이 토모의 건강에도 좋을 리 없기 때문이었습니다.
목욕을 하니 뽀송한 털이 보였습니다.
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