ARK119 shuts down dog slaughterhouse in Bucheon

Photo: ARK119. Dog slaughterhouse in Bucheon.

Video: ARK119’s shutting down of dog slaughterhouse in Bucheon was in the TV news. ARK119 is in the process of rescuing all 26 survivors from Bucheon Dog Slaughterhouse and they need your support.

As reported earlier, Animal Rescue Korea 119 (ARK119) is currently on their 16-day journey to shut down dog farms and slaughterhouses around Gimpo, Incheon Ganghwa, as well as the dog auction market in Paju. You can view updates posted on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

On July 20, 2021, ARK119 raided a dog slaughterhouse in Bucheon and called city officials and police, who promptly arrived at the scene. They were motivated to take action and promised a thorough investigation. Bucheon officials transported the surviving 26 dogs to a city facility. This dog slaughterhouse will be shut down, thanks to ARK119 and the dedicated local informants! 🙏

In 2016, Mayor Harvey Hall of Bakersfield, the sister city of Bucheon, contacted Bucheon’s Mayor Kim Man-Soo regarding our campaign. As a result, Mayor Kim took actions to address the dog meat businesses operating in his city. He was committed to make Bucheon the first “dog meat free” city in Korea and made some progress, working with the local animal activist group, We thought that progress came to a halt when Mayor Kim left office but it seems that Bucheon will continue to support the efforts of the animal advocates like ARK119 trying to put a stop to the dog meat industry.

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Dead dogs in bags.
Dogs are being transported to a Bucheon city facility.

Video: Livestream – Waiting at the Bucheon dog slaughterhouse.

Video: Livestream – ARK119 succeed in entering Bucheon dog slaughterhouse.

Video: Livestream – Surviving dogs at the Bucheon dog slaughterhouse are transported to a city facility for quarantine.

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