Goyang: Nami Kim and her team’ rescue from the Whole Dog BBQ House

Click HERE for the video and update from the Nami Kim and her team’ Facebook page!

Empress Tree House_1Whole Dog Barbecue House had informed me of a message from a person who discovered a restaurant with dogs behind it in wire cages, eating another dog’s dead body.

Yesterday, we went there to see it for ourselves. The season for dog meat is over, apparently. We could identify the traces of hanging, slaughtering, and barbecuing dogs in the garden. We found two banners advertising, “We Barbecue Whole Dogs”. Dog bones and leashes were scattered around the garden.

There were 19 dogs and the owner is willing to surrender 16 dogs to us, and together with his old Jindo guard dog, totals 17 dogs – seven 4 month old pups and ten adult dogs. The restaurant proprietor wants to keep three dogs to guard his crops against wild boars which come down from the mountain. He signed a document and thumb-sealed it (legally binding), with the condition that we would not report him to the city official in charge. We must get ready to get the dogs. We will arrange a truck to get the dogs next week. If you want to help the dogs by donating to help payment of the vet bills and boarding, please click below.

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[Update: 10/28/2015]

Click HERE for the video and update from the Nami Kim and her team’ Facebook page!
We have 17 dogs waiting for us to return and we will get them, but the butcher has disappeared and not responding at all, now. Perhaps the fear of the consequences of his illegal actions, and perhaps his conscience, had affected him, just as the previous butcher at the 500 Dogs farm, who had committed suicide. That dog farm has gone out of business, and has shut down completely.
We will update soon.

Click HERE for the video and update from the Nami Kim and her team’ Facebook page!
The man in the video is the owner – the butcher who had been hanging, slaughtering and barbecuing the dogs. I didn’t threaten him, but advised him about the total amount of fines he would have to pay in the event he is reported to the authorities. We’ve done what we could right now. He is not responding to my messages, and rejecting all my calls. In dealing with such butchers and the dog meat suppliers, there are too many of the “unexpected”, which can occur.

Click HERE for the video and update from the Nami Kim and her team’ Facebook page!
The restaurant is located in the north, about a two hour drive from Seoul, in beautiful surroundings, with mountains. We have no idea how many dogs were slaughtered last summer, but the empty wire barred cages gave us some clues.

We can negotiate with the owner/butcher further and rescue these dogs when the funds are in our hands, which can empower us to take action. We will need a truck to relocate the dogs, and already have boarding and two vets arranged, for all the seventeen dogs.

Two of our partners in the U.S. will be helping us with the rescue. had set up a “donate” app for us to proceed with the rescue. Guardians of Rescue will help us transport the dogs to New York and find homes for these dogs when the dogs are in our possession.

[Update: 11/2/2015]

Click HERE for the update from the Nami Kim and her team’ Facebook page!
As for the Dog Barbecue House rescue, we are arranging and planning to get the dogs out of hell while the owner is hiding himself. I had received several messages since the day of the post, telling me what to do with this rescue plan. “Nami, you should do this, you should do that”. We know exactly what to do, what needs to be done when fighting the dog meat sellers/traders, as we have our feet on the ground with eyes keeping watch almost 20 hours a day. What is important now is this: we can only do this when we have enough funds to take action – paying the vet bills and boarding fees for the dogs. The below link is set up by Giny of and the funds come directly to me weekly. Guardians of Rescue will work with their partners to find homes in NY state, taking charge of the transport costs to the U.S. Please donate to the SaveKoreanDogs for rescue of these dogs!

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  1. Frans Plu
    Frans PluNovember 4,15

    these dogs cry for help

  2. Lolli
    LolliNovember 4,15

    I feel like throwing up. How unjust is it that these UGLY, yes UGLY on the outside and UGLY on the inside humans, torture, kill and eat these beautiful, beautiful sweet dogs. How can anybody still believe in God??? sorry but God is dead, and it was humans who killed him!

  3. godelieve kowal
    godelieve kowalNovember 4,15

    Deze barbaarse praktijken moeten stoppen! Respect voor al deze mensen die vechten voor deze honden hun vrijheid te geven.

  4. Sarah Finlayson
    Sarah FinlaysonJuly 13,16

    What happen to the dogs in barbecure house… I am worry about the dogs & puppies. Please someone can tell me.

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