Nami Kim team rescues from Bucheon dog farm (Part 2)

Sharing from Nami Kim and her team. On February 10, 2016, Nami Kim and her team stumbled upon a small scale dog farm in Bucheon where the owner was breeding dogs for their own and neighbors consumption. They succeeded in rescuing all 15 dogs and puppies.
This is Part 2. Click HERE for Part 1.

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More good news to share this morning!
The dog trader just called to let me know he is surrendering all the remaining dogs to us this afternoon. I indicated the total amount of fine he has to pay and his reply was, “I surrender all, come and take them today.”

Nami Kim team rescues from Bucheon dog farm
Nami Kim team rescues from Bucheon dog farm
Nami Kim team rescues from Bucheon dog farm
Nami Kim team rescues from Bucheon dog farm

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One by one for a total of 11 dogs we rescued. Two Tosa and 9 Jindo are with us and now safe.

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It was a rainy day, drizzling and the ground was muddy. We managed to get all the 11 dogs out of these cages. For the dogs being taken out of the cages here it usually means “end of the life.”

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Fifteen dogs total; 4 sick dogs surrendered yesterday and the remaining 11 dogs we rescued today. These two Tosa dogs were the easiest for me to pull out. This may be the first time in their lives they felt the ground on their feet.

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This Jindo would not let me pull him out from the hell. I had to be tough. One by one, some took longer, but managed to pull all of them out with some needed help.
I later learned that this Jindo was pregnant.

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This Jindo needed a shot, I can imagine how scared it could be for the dogs to be pulled out. Getting her out was possible with the assistance from the 911 Rescue team, kind 911 come to our rescue whenever we need them.

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While it is wonderful news to learn that Nami and her brave team have rescued these beautiful dogs – and each one saved gives us a great sense of happiness and hope – let us not forget that for every one dog saved, there are still millions more that are not so lucky. Millions more dogs which are being subjected to horrendous cruelty every day in the South Korean dog meat industry. We must end this suffering, and we can only do this by getting the South Korean Government to permanently ban all dog meat consumption, and thereby end the industry’s associated practices. You, too, can help end this travesty and we ask you, please, click HERE to take quick and simple action.

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

  1. Marlena Azevedo
    Marlena AzevedoFebruary 15,16

    Nami you are an angel that came to earth to save lives of such precious other living sentient emotional and self conscious species.
    Blessed you are forever and your magnificent team of loving people. I shall possibly one day might meet you. Until then I bow to you
    and envelope you and team in my Universal Unconditional Love. Blessed be Forever and Ever!

  2. Cindy Guarnieri
    Cindy GuarnieriFebruary 15,16

    Thank you for ALL that you are doing to save these wonderful, innocent dogs from living a life in HELL. You are your team are greatly appreciated. Although we cannot physically be there for you, we are all there in emotional and spiritual ways with you. Please continue to rescue all of these poor animals from a life of terror. Bless You from all of us who wish we could be there with you, getting each and every dog out of these cages and into freedom!

  3. Jane
    JaneFebruary 18,16

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for dedicating your life to saving these innocent dogs. When will people learn that we do not have the right to abuse all the creatures that surround us? The torture and slaughter of such intelligent animals with high emotional capacity is truly evil. Thank you for waking up every day to fight the fight. There are thousands that support you and pray that this practice will come to an end one day. We’re in it with you.

  4. lynn rosa
    lynn rosaSeptember 29,18

    forever grateful. thank you for my BiBi.

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