[Urgent Appeal] Greenhouse to protect the Lotte Dog Farm dogs from winter freeze

Sharing for the Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm (롯데목장개살리기시민모임).

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Urgent fundraising for install a greenhouse

In preparation for the 3 days of rain anticipated during the week, we had intended to build a greenhouse tent on November 20, however the Urban Regeneration Division at the Gyeyang -gu District Office did not permit it.

Even though it was clear that the dogs would be drenched in rain over 3 days, the team leader of the Urban Regeneration Division stated not to pitch a tent because it is illegal, and did not want to hear about the dogs.
Our civic group went to cover the fences using tarps nevertheless. When we went to see them on the second day of rain, some of the tarps were blown away and torn by strong winds, and were not able to support the wind. The ground was of course all muddy.

Yesterday, some of our civic group volunteers rushed out to help spread more straw on the ground for all the dogs that were drenched in rain and suffering from the cold. They also fed them and gave them water in tears after seeing them completely soaked and shivering from the cold.

The animal protection department from Gyeyang-gu District Office came out for a while and helped with layout out more straw in each cage, yet declined to answer when we asked whether what we were doing was protection or breeding. Instead, she kept replying that “they need to be adopted quickly.”
The civic group has rescued 84 dogs from the elevated cages who were treated and are being protected at private trustees and currently waiting for adoption. A total of 21 dogs have been adopted up to date including 4 that are scheduled to fly out on the 28th of this month.

Volunteers from the civic group are continuing to fill the cage with more straw today following last night’s efforts. As temperatures are expected to drop sharply after the rain, especially tonight, we are planning to install a vinyl greenhouse ahead of the winter approaching. The current quotation for the materials and labor costs amount to KRW 23,000,000.

The Urban Regeneration Division (032.450.5892) and the Sewage Management Division (032.450.5472) from the Gyeyang-gu District Office stated that will continue to impose fines and file criminal charges, claiming that our actions are not considered as animal protection but livestock breeding.

We are applying for an authoritative interpretation of an abandoned animal shelter and are petitioning nationwide to stop the fines and criminal charges against this area.

Lotte Corporation (Social Contribution Division: 032. 750.7255), who published an article claiming that they will help save the dogs have not yet helped with a single sack of feed and keeping silence.
Our civic group volunteers are fighting back tears as we attempt to raise funds to install a vinyl greenhouse in order to help over 190 dogs that are left at Gyeyang Mountain stay warm during the winter without being exposed to the rain, snow and cold weather.

The dogs are happy just by spreading straw over the wet ground for them to take some form of shelter and lay their tired bodies after being completely soaked in rain.

The dogs are so innocent wagging their tail and giving their wet paws to greet the volunteers.

The reality that these poor dogs are facing, where the district is preventing them from having a shelter by setting up proper tents to be protected from heavy rain stating that it is “illegal” is unbearable.

As soon as we declare that we are setting up a vinyl house, they will most probably return stating that it is an illegal act again.

However, we cannot see our dogs left out in the cold falling ill after being completely exposed to the rain, snow and freezing temperatures. In a situation where Lotte Group is keeping silent, we will do our best to raise funds to build them a vinyl greenhouse.

Please help the dogs at Gyeyang Mountain stay warm and protected from the coming winter in a vinyl greenhouse requiring KRW 23 million for installation and material costs.
Lotte Farm Dogs Save (롯데목장 개살리기 시민모임)
Beneficiary Bank : KOOKMIN BANK
Account No : 660401-01-874746
DM: @lotte250dogs
* By making a payment you are automatically enrolled as a member of the Citizens’ Union.
* Please send us your name and email address by email to exercise your rights as a member.
* Details of the use of funds will be disclosed regularly.
[email protected]

🙏 Will you donate whatever you can to help with the care of these dogs?

Donations may be made through Paypal: Thank you!

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This post in Korean:

계양산 시민보호소에 비닐하우스 공사 모금이 시급합니다

이번주 3일간 내릴 비를 대비해서, 11월 20일 화요일에 천막공사를 하려 하였는데 계양구청 도시재생과에서 제지를 하였습니다 . 3일 동안 개들이 비를 맞을 게 뻔한데도 도시재생과 팀장은 불법행위라며 천막을 치지 말라며, 개들은 자신은 모른다고 하였습니다.
그러나 저희 시민모임은 개들을 위해 천막을 쳐 주었습니다. 폭우가 내린 후 이튿날 가보니 천막이 바람과 비의 무게를 이기지 못하고 찢기고 날아가 있었고, 바닥은 온통 진흙탕이었습니다.
어제 저희 시민모임 봉사자들은 눈물을 흘리며 비에 젖은 개들에게 계속해서 지푸라기를 깔아주었습니다. 찢어진 천막을 다시 보수하고, 눈물을 흘리며 사료와 물을 주었습니다.
계양구청 동물보호과에서 잠시 나와 소독약을 주고 지푸라기 까는 일을 도와주으나, 저희가 하고 있는 일이 보호인지 사육인지에 대해서는 답변을 회피하였습니다. “빨리 입양을 보내셔야죠.”라는 말만 반복하였습니다.
시민모임은 현재 84마리를 뜬장에서 구조하였고, 치료하고 사설위탁처에서 보호하며 입양준비를 하고 있습니다. 현재 28일에 출국할 4마리를 포함하며 21마리가 입양을 갔습니다.
시민 봉사자들은 어제도 오늘도 비온 뒤 질어진 임시펜스 안에 계속해서 지푸라기를 깔아주고 있습니다. 비가 온 후 기온이 급감하여 추워질 것을 대비하여 비닐하우스를 설치해 주려고 합니다. 현재 자재비와 인건비까지 해서 2300만원의 견적이 나온 상태입니다.
계양구청은 도시재생과(032 450 5892)와 오수관리팀(032 450 5472)은 계속해서 과태료와 형사고발을 할 계획이라고 하며, 저희의 행위가 동물보호가 아니고 가축사육이라고 주장하고 있습니다. 저희는 유기동물보호시설로 유권해석을 신청하고 과태료와 형사고발을 중지해달라고 국민청원을 하고 있습니다.
계양산 개들을 살리겠다고 기사를 냈던 롯데지주(사회공헌부 02 750 7293)는 아직까지 사료 한 푸대 주지 않고 묵묵부답입니다.
저희 시민모임 봉사자들은 눈물을 머금고 비닐하우스를 설치하여 계양산 190여마리의 개들이 눈 비를 맞지 않고, 겨울을 따뜻하게 지낼 수 있도록 모금을 하려고 합니다.
비를 맞고도 질척한 땅에서도 지푸라기를 듬뿍 깔아주면 행복해하며, 지친 몸을 누이는 우리 계양산 개들.
젖은 몸으로 봉사자들에게 꼬리치고 손 내미는 죄 없이 천진난만한 아이들.
하지만 폭우를 피할 수 있도록 천막을 쳐주는 것도 불법행위라고 저지 당하는 서러운 개들.
비닐하우스를 쳐준다고 하면 또 불법행위라고 연락이 오겠죠.
그렇지만 우리 개들이 차가운 눈, 비를 맞고 아프고 추운 것을 저희 시민모임은 볼 수가 없습니다. 롯데도 묵묵부답인 상황에서 저희는 최선을 다해 모금하여 비닐하우스를 치려고 합니다.
비닐하우스 설치 견적은 2300만원이라고 합니다. 비닐하우스를 쳐서 계양산 아이들이 눈, 비를 피하고 따뜻하게 지낼 수 있도록 도움을 부탁드립니다.
입금하시면 시민모임의 회원이 됩니다.
입금하시면 회원으로서의 권리행사를 위해 단체메일로 성함과 메일 (메일이없으면 다른연락처)보내주세요
DM메세지: @lotte250dogs
사용 내역은 정기적으로 공개하겠습니다
[email protected]

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