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Let’s show Korea’s Sister Cities the truth about the dog and cat meat trades – and ask them to take action.

Sister City Agreements are formed between two cities with the aim of being mutually beneficial (for trade, cultural exchanges, business links etc., and to foster friendship), and many cities across the world have such ‘twin cities’ all over South Korea. Different cities may have different strategies outlined for their twinning scheme – some are quoted as offering the benefits of: “community, school and youth links (for joint projects and cultural exchange” and “providing advice on Korean language, cultural considerations and business practices”. ‘Cultural’ benefits, therefore, are an important element in a twinning venture, which is why we wish to bring the unacceptable practices of the dog and cat meat trades to the attention of those City Mayors, and their Offices, twinned with cities in South Korea.

We strongly believe that, however beneficial these sister/friendship city links are, it cannot simply be all about “taking the good, and ignoring the bad”, or only sharing ‘suitable’ cultural experiences. There must surely be some social responsibility for the representatives of one city to take a stand against any wrongdoing being sanctioned or ignored by their Sister City: in this case the illegal and aberrant dog and cat meat trades in South Korea.

So, let’s urge these international City Mayors, in the spirit of friendship and for the good of the Korean people, to reach out to their counterparts in South Korea, asking them to enforce their laws and to put an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trades.

Click on the hyperlink in blue to take action.

We will continue to create more Sister/Friendship City Campaigns so check back on this page regularly. Thank you!

Sister City Campaign Status
No. Korean Local Government Country Sister City (Click for Campaign page!) Agreement Date Sister/Friendship Campaign Date Victory/Response received
1 Seoul United Kingdom London 2015-12-04 Friendship City 7/18/2017 8/1/2017
2 Seoul Gangseo-gu United Kingdom Nottingham 2011-8-25 Friendship City 7/19/2017
3 Seoul Gwanak-gu United Kingdom The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, London 2006-11-14 Friendship City 7/21/2017
4 Seoul Seocho-gu United Kingdom The London Borough of Southwark 2009-09-15 Friendship City 7/24/2017
5 Gyeonggi-do United Kingdom Northern Ireland East Assembly 1996-06-01 Sister City
6 Gyeonggi-do Namyangju United Kingdom Dartford (County of Kent) 1996-05-01 Sister City
7 Seoul Italy Rome 2000-03-18 Sister City
8 Seoul Italy Milano 2007-02-01 Friendship City
9 Gyeonggi-do Seongnam Italy Bologna 2007-02-01 Friendship City 1/13/2016 4/16/2016
9 Daegu Italy Milan 2015-07-02 Sister City 6/7/2016
10 Gwangju Italy Torino 2002-11-19 Friendship City
11 Daejeon Italy Florence 2010-11-12 Friendship City 6/9/2016
12 Gangwon-do Italy Veneto 2011-10-25 Friendship City
13 Chungcheongbuk-do Youngdong-gun Italy Velletri 2011-04-12 Friendship City
14 Jeollabuk-do Jeonju Italy Florence, Toscana Province 2007-03-28 Friendship City
15 Jeollabuk-do Namwon Italy Verona 2008-10-15 Friendship City
16 Gyeongsangbuk-do Gyeongju Italy Pompei 1985-10-14 Sister City 12/5/2016 2/7/2017
17 Gyeongsangbuk-do Goryeong-gun Italy Cremona, Lombardy 2014-11-10 Friendship City
18 Seoul Canada Montreal 2015-04-08 Friendship City 7/25/2017
19 Seoul Canada Ottawa 1997-01-10 Friendship City 7/25/2017
20 Seoul Gangbuk-gu Canada Chatham Kent, Ontario 2004-09-13 Friendship City 7/25/2017
21 Seoul Guro-gu Canada District of North Vancouver (North Vancouver), British Columbia 2009-09-21 Friendship City 7/27/2017
22 Seoul Dongjak-gu Canada Surrey, British Columbia 2000-11-01 Friendship City 8/2/2017
23 Busan Canada Montreal 2000-09-19 Sister City 1/29/2015
24 Incheon Ongjin-gun Canada Barrie, Ontario 1997-03-26 Friendship City
25 Daejeon Canada Calgary 1996-03-04 Sister City 8/2/2017
26 Gyeonggi-do Canada British Columbia 2008-05-19 Sister City 4/1/2015
27 Gyeonggi-do Gunpo Canada Belleville, Ontario 1997-09-24 Sister City 8/2/2017
28 Gyeonggi-do Paju Canada Coquitlam 2009-06-25 Sister City 7/29/2017
29 Gyeonggi-do Gwacheon Canada Airdrie City, Alberta 1997-06-11 Sister City
30 Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong-gun Canada Brampton, Ontario 2005-09-22 Friendship City 7/30/2017
31 Gangwon-do Canada Alberta 1974-09-03 Sister City 5/19/2015
32 Gangwon-do Wonju Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1998-11-03 Friendship City 8/3/2017
33 Gangwon-do Donghae Canada Saint John, New Brunswick 2008-05-30 Friendship City 7/29/2017
34 Gangwon-do Hwacheon Canada Chatham Kent, Ontario 2005-06-15 Sister City 7/30/2017
35 Jeollabuk-do Gunsan-gun Canada Windsor, Ontario 2005-06-20 Sister City 6/18/2015
36 Jeollanam-do Yeosu Canada Moncton, New Brunswick 2007-12-06 Friendship City 7/30/2017 8/9/2017 Response from Yeosu.
37 Gyeongsangnam-do Jinju Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1992-04-01 Sister City
38 Seoul Australia New South Wales 1991-11-08 Sister City
39 Seoul Jung-gu Australia Parramatta, New South Wales 1998-08-18 Sister City
40 Seoul Eunpyeong-gu Australia Canterbury, New South Wales 1998-06-06 Sister City
41 Seoul Yangcheon-gu Australia Bankstown, New South Wales 2002-09-12 Sister City
42 Seoul Gangseo-gu Australia Penrith, New South Wales 1994-12-09 Sister City
43 Seoul Geumcheon-gu Australia Burwood, New South Wales 2003-09-15 Sister City
44 Seoul Seocho-gu Australia Perth, Western Australia 2008-10-01 Friendship City
45 Busan Australia Victoria 1994-10-17 Sister City
46 Busan Youngdo-gu Australia Manly, New South Wales 2009-05-29 Friendship City
47 Busan Haeundae-gu Australia Manly, New South Wales 1994-07-01 Sister City
48 Daegu Suseong-gu Australia Blacktowncity, New South Wales 1994-11-15 Sister City
49 Daejeon Australia Brisbane, Queensland 2002-06-17 Sister City
50 Gyeonggi-do Australia Queensland 1997-11-03 Sister City 4/1/2015
51 Gyeonggi-do Suwon Australia Townsville City, Queensland 1997-04-28 Sister City
52 Gyeonggi-do Yongin Australia Redland, Queensland 2008-07-25 Friendship City
53 Gyeonggi-do Paju Australia Toowoomba City, Queensland 2002-10-01 Sister City 8/1/2017 8/2/2017. Disappointing response.
54 Gyeonggi-do Gwangju Australia Bathurst, New South Wales 2004-11-02 Friendship City
55 Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong-gun Australia Strathfield, New South Wales 2011-08-22 Sister City
56 Gangwon-do Samcheok Australia Mareeba Shire, Queensland 2004-12-09 Sister City
57 Chungcheongnam-do Australia South Australia 1999-10-12 Sister City 5/22/2015 1/27/2016. Disappointing response from South Australia.
58 Jeollanam-do Naju Australia Belyando Shire, Queensland 1997-03-28 Friendship City
59 Gyeongsangbuk-do Australia Western Australia 2007-10-07 Friendship City
60 Gyeongsangnam-do Australia Queensland 2008-07-01 Friendship City
61 Gyeongsangnam-do Goseong-gun Australia Blue Mountain, New South Wales 2007-09-03 Friendship City
62 Jeju-do Australia Tasmania 1997-10-27 Friendship City
63 Gyeonggi-do Paju United Kingdom Gloucester 2014-04-22 Friendship
64 Seoul Dongjak-gu Australia Singleton Council, New South Wales 2016-06-08 Friendship
65 Seoul Gangdong-gu Australia 뉴사우스웨일주 윌로비시(Willoughby/) 2011-11-10 Friendship
66 Incheon Italy Veneto 2010-09-06 Sister
67 Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong Canada Burnaby, British Columbia 2010-09-28 Sister
68 Busan Namgu Australia La Trobe, Victoria 2016-11-06 Friendship
69 Jeollanam-do Mokpo United Kingdom Aberdeen 2017-02-15 Friendship
70 Gyeonggi-do Namyangju Italy Salerno, Campania Province 2016-06-20 Sister


Video: Busan KAPCA(Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty). Illegal dog slaughterhouse in Ulsan, South Korea.

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  1. Robyne Zuendel
    Robyne ZuendelDecember 6,16

    Key word illegal

    • Alder
      AlderDecember 8,16

      Stop this cruelty right now

    • Monique Holzer
      Monique HolzerJanuary 7,17

      Agree! This shpuld be made illegal. Shame on all who abuse animals especially torture them . Disgraceful!!

  2. Pii Berg
    Pii BergDecember 6,16

    Stop this Cruelty right now.

  3. Emma
    EmmaDecember 8,16

    You have to stop this right now! They are our best FRIENDS with the same feelings of pain!

  4. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaDecember 8,16

    it so awful that I have no words to say what I feel !! I boycott all products made by these countries and will never visit them !!

  5. Maria Cristina Orsolato
    Maria Cristina OrsolatoDecember 8,16

    Non comprerò MAI prodotti che vengono da un posto di gente così insensibile

  6. Iva Turato
    Iva TuratoDecember 8,16

    End dog and cat meat trades!

  7. Uttielli
    UttielliDecember 9,16

    STOP THIS!!!

  8. Albert
    AlbertDecember 9,16


  9. Tonya baker
    Tonya bakerDecember 16,16

    Boiling lives dogs.skinning live dogs .torching live dogs..putting these animals on bar b q Pitts alive..none human.please stop .

  10. mark Jackson
    mark JacksonDecember 18,16

    The scum that do this need to have the same treatment done to them.

    • fran gilbey
      fran gilbeyApril 15,17

      to right my friend

  11. Helena van Dierendonck
    Helena van DierendonckDecember 20,16

    Korea is now taking the killing of the dogs out of site from the people and away from the meat markets so that foreigners and locals can not see anymore what is really going on. This is a real setback because now nobody will know what attocities wil be done to the dogs. It is better to be for everyone to see instead of hiding this gruesome way of treating animals by boiling them alive and horrendous transport.

    • Denise Leblanc
      Denise LeblancJanuary 17,17

      Spokane Mayor David Condon: Please respond with plan of action as did the Shoreline, Washington Mayor Chris Roberts ( and many other cities.
      Thank you to the Spokesman Review for their coverage of this issue – Thousands of cats are also slaughtered for soups and “health” AND “MANLY PERFORMANCES” tonics in SOUTH KOREA.
      Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A DOG AND CAT EATING NATION.

  12. bazin maryse
    bazin maryseDecember 21,16

    Bande de monstres sans coeur

  13. Paula Conkey
    Paula ConkeyDecember 21,16

    Stop!!!! This is evil!!!

  14. Norma
    NormaDecember 21,16

    Please stop this extreme cruelty

  15. Sherry Compton
    Sherry ComptonDecember 21,16

    Some of the most pathetic, mentally ill, heartless, sadistic humans on earth! Their evil, barbaric cruelty must be stopped, immediately! Poor, intelligent, gentle creatures!

  16. Marie Komons
    Marie KomonsDecember 22,16

    Please stop this!

  17. Bora Coskun
    Bora CoskunDecember 23,16

    Stop this cruelty right now!

  18. vera de weyer
    vera de weyerDecember 26,16

    stop this creulty now !! this animals are our best friends !!!!

  19. GL
    GLDecember 28,16

    This is CRUEL, INHUMANE and BARBARIC. I don’t care what culture practices are….you DO NOT DO THIS TO AN ANIMAL PERIOD !!!!!!
    This has GOT TO STOP !!!!!

  20. barbara gale
    barbara galeJanuary 6,17

    to take any life is a crime what you do is a evil against all of humanity

  21. Patti Gouker
    Patti GoukerJanuary 6,17

    These people are beyond barbaric! How could they be so cruel?? Would never support these people in anything they do unless their treatment of animals improves dramatically!!

  22. Elise Phillips Margulis
    Elise Phillips MargulisJanuary 7,17

    Unconscionable & morally reprehensible. The world is watching! Stop torturing & consuming dogs & cats!!

  23. Lynn J
    Lynn JJanuary 9,17

    You are all cruel, evil, barbaric cowards to treat animal beings like this. Karmic justice will come to you and you deserve it.

  24. Carole Fraser
    Carole FraserJanuary 9,17

    Stop the Brutality towards these innocent poor souls the Whole World is watching and your country’s that are committing this crime are being hated and seen as wicked evil and vile stop this now .

  25. Victoria
    VictoriaJanuary 16,17


  26. Annica Eriksson
    Annica ErikssonJanuary 17,17


  27. Lamia
    LamiaJanuary 19,17

    Why why why why the cruelty why the torture
    Do you not have hearts … dogs and cats are beautiful souls dogs are mans best friend

  28. Ginette vidal
    Ginette vidalJanuary 22,17

    Arrêter ça ce geste barbare et sauvage.

  29. Dr. Robin Cogburn
    Dr. Robin CogburnJanuary 24,17

    Stop this barbaric cruelty. It is evil, as are those that would perpetrate this heinous act toward an innocent animal.

  30. Franklin Hynes
    Franklin HynesJanuary 25,17

    It seems that many still live in the Dark Ages. There is never any excuse for cruelty of this extreme nature. Poverty, ignorance, culture, non of these excuses will do. These crimes can never be washed away. It is way past time that humanity became humane and realised that all members of this planet are sentient. Animals are alive too and deserve our respect and kindness.

  31. Elizabeth Flores
    Elizabeth FloresMarch 10,17

    Los animales son seres vivos que merecen el mismo respeto que cualquier otra criatura del mundo. Solo demostramos barbarie y crueldad al tratarlos y matarlos de esta forma. Ya es tiempo que evolucionemos y comprendamos que todo lo viviente tiene un destino común, el cual nunca va a ser feliz ni promisorio si atentamos egoistamente contra la integridad de otros,

  32. fran gilbey
    fran gilbeyApril 15,17

    i think if i were`them i think again cos what goes around come around ,3 times 3. you are i cannot spell the name but here it is dispicable what we call people we no morales. i hope you die the same way

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