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Win a contest to clone your dog 70% off by scientists of ‘Notorious Dog Eating Nation’?

Post from Sooam Biotech: March 22, 2013 Dog Cloning Competition for the U.K. Sooam Biotech is announcing the first …

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Seoul, Jungnang Borough – Dozens of dogs stuffed in truck cages unable to move for days in scorching heat taken to slaughterhouse

Translation of CARE’s Facebook Posting on 5/22/2013 Dozens of dogs having to endure being stuffed tightly inside metal cages on …

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Puppy Dragged Behind Motorcycle in Uiwang, S. Korea

[Update – 5/1/2013] KAWA (Korean Animal Welfare Association) persuaded the old man to hand over the ownership of this puppy …

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Venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest’s Argument Against Dog Meat Consumption (English Translation) 법정스님의 개식용반대론

Translated by and volunteers. Please share! Venerable Beopjeong Buddhist Priest’s Argument Against Dog Meat Consumption (Beopjeong Sunim: 1932 – …

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Dongducheon (Yeoncheon, S. Korea) Animal Shelter’s Bizarre Behavior

Translation of CARE’posting: 동두천시, 연천군 유기동물보호소 엽기행각전말, 동두천사건, 여기까지 진행중입니다 Full Account of Dongducheon (Yeoncheon, S. Korea) Animal Shelter’s Bizarre …

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Boshintang(dog meat soup) is not a health food…Why? Exposing myths and facts about summertime health food from a vegetarian doctor of oriental medicine 보신탕은 보양식이 아니다… 왜? 채식주의 한의사가 밝히는 여름철 보양식의 허와 실 전세화 기자 [email protected] 최근 경기도 성남에서 열기로 했던 …

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Send ugly Jindo dogs to dog meat restaurants?

Meaningless Jindo dog promotion project, only profiting pet dog industry This is a translation of Korean News: Symbol of …

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Citizen Suit to Save Our Earth and Life (In response to the live burial of animals during the Foot & Mouth Disease outbreak in 2010-11)

Video: Pigs Buried Alive in Korea. By CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth). Source: Citizen Suit Against FMD Crisis …

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80% of Koreans Favor Adoption of Abandoned Animals

Translation of Korean news: A survey result just released indicates a big increase in opinion that favors adoption of …

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Controversy over the maintenance of dog meat vendors at Moran market in Seongnam-city (The largest dog meat market in the country). Seven interdepartmental joint enforcement….Vendors backlash ‘threat to their livelihoods’.

Translation of news : Vendors are up in arms as Seongnam-city in Gyeonggido-province launches a broad-scale maintenance of dog meat …

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KARA released a research report for the dog meat industry fact finding and prohibition measures

KARA’s Report-Full Version in Korean KARA’s Report-Summary Version in Korean Here are some information from the report: Status of Dog …

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Pet adoption center plans to open early next month in Seoul

Translation of News: Pet adoption center plans to open early next month. Through a reorganization initiative, Seoul Metropolitan government …

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