Call for Action: Letters to Incheon’s Sister Cities requesting their help in saving the 191 Lotte Dog Farm dogs who were saved from being slaughtered for meat.

Please send the below letter to the Incheon’s Sister and Friendship city today urging them to contact Incheon to help the Lotte Farm dogs from harsh cold this winter.

Video: Leo and his 197 friends, who escaped from slaughter, calling for desperate help from all over the world

Call for Action

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Please urge your Sister/Friendship City, Incheon, to provide shelter for the 191 dogs at the Incheon Gyeyang Mountain Lotte Dog Farm who were saved from being slaughtered for meat.

Dear Mayor and the city council members,

I would like to ask for your urgent help and assistance to save the 191 dogs at the Lotte Dog Farm in Gyeyang-gu District in Incheon, your Sister/Friendship City, from freezing to death this winter.

250 dogs were saved from a brutal slaughter by volunteer activists from a dog farm which has been illegally operating in Gyeyang Mountain in Incheon, South Korea for the last 20 years due to the City of Incheon allowing it to operate. The dogs were bred to be eaten, suffering in horrible conditions in bare, raised wire cages.

Some of these dogs were moved to the private shelters where the volunteers have to pay. 191 dogs are remaining at the Lotte farm in the mountain in the tiny temporary cages. This farm’s name is the “Lotte Dog Farm” because the land it sits on is owned by the founder of the Lotte Conglomerate in South Korea. Neither Lotte nor the owners of the Lotte had responded to the volunteers’ requests for help and had not provided any support for these dogs.

The city of Incheon and Incheon Gyeyang-gu District also have refused to provide the now saved 250 dogs with shelter or any other form of support. The city of Incheon is even imposing high fines to these volunteers for not relocating the dogs from the mountain.

These dogs have nowhere to go so they have been staying at this dog farm and the volunteers are able to keep them alive, but without the support from the city, these dogs will continue to suffer. The volunteers are trying to find homes for them outside of Korea as medium to large size, mixed breed dogs have a very little chance of being adopted within Korea. But it has been a massive challenge, especially with the Covid pandemic. Please watch the video to learn more about this dog farm:

It’s been freezing cold and raining for the past several days and the volunteers were trying to find a solution to keep these dogs from freezing to death, so they decided to put up a tent on top of the tiny wire cages. But the city of Incheon and Gyeyang-gu district intercepted them and kept them from unloading the tents from the truck. The volunteers are desperate to keep the dogs safe from freezing cold. They are already in poor health due to the terrible condition that they were forced into since birth.

Therefore, I am writing to you today to ask for your help. Please contact your Sister/Friendship city, Incheon and urge them to provide the shelter to these poor dogs and provide them with medical care and a chance to be adopted to a loving family. Your voice can make a big difference. Would you please pick up the phone and make the call today?
You can find the Incheon Government’s contact information here:

Also, there are many illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses operating in Incheon due to the Incheon Government’s profound indifference to the animal abuse and the suffering of these sentient animals. You can find our campaign urging Incheon to shut them down here:,

Please click here to learn more about this dog farm:

🙏 Will you donate whatever you can to help with the care of these dogs?

Donations may be made through Paypal: Thank you!

👉 Click HERE for the updates from the Facebook page of Volunteers To Save The Dogs At The Lotte Dog Farm (롯데목장개살리기시민모임)

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  1. M. Kincer
    M. KincerNovember 22,20

    Animals should be honored and Loved.they have been abused since time began. Animals belong to the Planet..Animals Matter!!

  2. Erin
    ErinNovember 22,20

    Please help these poor dog over there,Ty too

  3. Margaret Scott
    Margaret ScottNovember 22,20

    For too long Korea has turned a blind eye to the illegal practice of torturing & massacring innocent dogs & cats. It’s long past time the government took action to demolish the breeders hell holes & shut down the horrendous killing markets where animals suffer & die in agony. No one needs to eat dog meat, they are our friends.

  4. Marilyn COLLINS
    Marilyn COLLINSNovember 23,20

    Thìs is a most sickening stain on how the rest of the world feels about your country. You must educate your people to grow other food to eat or maybe help poor people more. The world is watching and discusted

  5. Veronika Meyer-Zietz
    Veronika Meyer-ZietzNovember 23,20

    Dogs are our best friends.Stop dogmeatfarms, stop the cruelty.

  6. Pamela Sykes
    Pamela SykesNovember 24,20

    How can the Korean government allow such disgraceful cruelty to dogs or any other animals. They should illegalise such practices immediately. This is 2020 and this sort of animal treatment is totally unacceptable.

  7. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisDecember 6,20

    Le autorità di questo Paese dovrebbero impedire tanta crudeltà nei confronti di animali che in tutto il mondo sono utili alla vita degli uomini in tante difficoltà, guardata gli altri popoli come considerano queste creature innocenti

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